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      Your package is the very first impression your customer has about your product. Make that impression a WOW! At Nugen we begin by making sure that product technical requirements for protection against light, crushing, air, moisture etc. are clearly understood. Material selection that is not compatible with your product or too expensive (if more cost effective materials are available) are often the main cause of delay in getting a product to market.

      Next, we begin to look at product design. Does your idea for packaging already exist or will we need to invest in tooling? Is there a more cost-effective component in the market that we can tweak to produce the desired effect? Once we have a package selected, we need to understand how the design will work in a production environment. Too often, thousands of dollars are spent before anyone takes a look at whether a cool design can actually work in a production environment. The NuGen team takes into consideration the requirements that Marketing, Procurement and Operations have, and always look to find a package that can WOW, is Cost Effective, and Runs Efficiently on your packaging lines or that of our contract packager.

      We’d love to hear about your project! Contact us for your Packaging Design and Development needs by clicking,

      UKPACK Offering


      UKPACK Packaging is committed to providing environmentally sound packaging solutions to our clients. We understand the need to reduce our carbon footprint and to that end are continually searching for the most cost effective, sustainable packaging that will not compromise component performance or efficiencies.

      Our global vendor partners are equally committed to sustainable packaging. Together, we bring innovation that maintain standards set by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition in developing and manufacturing sustainable packaging:

      •  Is beneficial, safe & healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle;
      •  Meets market criteria for both performance and cost;
      •  Is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy;
      •  Optimizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials;
      •  Is manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices;
      •  Is made from materials healthy throughout the life cycle;
      •  Is physically designed to optimize materials and energy;
      •  Is effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial closed loop cycles.
      UKPACK Offering


      Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) Components:

      As it relates to our commitment to sustainability and the environment we offer packaging components that incorporate post-consumer resins such as polyethyelene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These resin are collected in community recycling programs, cleaned, pelletized and approved by the FDA for food contact.

      PET PCR is used today in the Cosmetic Industry. Components are being manufactured using anywhere from 25-100% PET PCR. Smaller percentages of PCR can also be made available as requested. PCR is never completely free of colorants, so we strongly recommend that customers use dark colors or opaque colors instead of light transparent colors. Frosted colorants in 100% post-consumer PET can also mask dark speck or the gray cast inherent in PCR. We recommend that you conduct your own compatibility tests with PCR bottles prior to packaging with components using any level of PCR.

      If you require FDA-approved resins, we can help with identified, reliable sources, for FDA-approved PET PCR. These companies collect, grind, wash, dry, pelletize, crystallize and solid-state the post-consumer PET in a process approved by the FDA for food contact.

      UKPACK Offering

      Post-consumer plastics such as PET PCR have already been processed from a fossil fuel to plastic, so to reuse the resin in a new PCR bottle does not require the further depletion of new fossil fuels. The more PCR content you put in each bottle, the more positive impact you can make on the environment!


      • Initial Packaging Idea

        Finding the best packaging for your product does not have to be diffcult. UKPACK understands that your packaging is the silent salesman helping to sell your product while optimizing profit. Our experts understand how to capture the product through the package.whatever the prouduct.whatever the market.

      • Packaging Solution

        Once we have identifled what your product stands for and specifled your requirements. we can start to put together the right package. Depending on your requirements we can choose from a large selection of stocked items. Stocked items need not be bland. By changing material. colors. closures. finishes and labels/decoration we can personalize your packaging to best represent your brand. Want to be unique? We are more than happy to create a custom package. creating an exclusive design. Our experts will help you bring your concept to life. guiding you through every step of the way advising on the best style. material and decoration options.

      • Product Realization

        Once we have a final go ahead on the complete package. it is time to produce all the different components which are coordinated by us and shipped to your final destination.

      • Let us take away your packaging worries...

        so. as you can see. we are involved in the entire process. From initial idea through product realization to warehousing and shipping .Let us take away your packaging worries so that you can focus on selling your products.

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